Are you being accused of racist, mysogonist, xenophobic behavior and speech daily?No?Than you're not Matt Mackowiak.Are you so incompetent at your communications job that you can't protect the most basic digital assets it takes to do that job?No?Than you're not Matt Mackowiak.Are you endangering the lives of the most vulnerable people in America by spewing hate and working to put these people in danger?No?Than you're not Matt Mackowiak.

Racist hate speach rolls of Matt Mackowiak's tongue like turpentine.It's hard to grasp how a hateful little man (we know, right?) can get away with demeaning an elected official.p.s. No one thinks Mackowiak is an adult. His juvenille outbursts and manipulative 7 year old tactics don't fool anyone.

Crisis happen. You drop the ball, you pick it up, you have friends and colleagues help you.What you don't do is get emotional and petty and yell and snivel and curse like a petty petulant child.Mackowiak is just bad at what he does. If he can't fix a crisis of his own, why would anyone trust him to solve one for them?Oh... they don't and that's why business is down. No wonder.

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Matt Mackowiak is a political and communications consultant based in both Austin and Washington, DC. He is the President of Potomac Strategy Group (PSG), LLC, which offers political consulting services for conservative campaigns, and crisis communications assistance to companies, groups, and individuals.Matt has held senior positions in the Bush administration, worked on winning campaigns, and has established a large network of political and media relationships across the US. PSG was founded in 2009 and offers corporate communication services including public affairs, media relations, writing, digital strategy, and opposition research to various sectors including transportation, energy, healthcare, and tech.Matt, alongside Cleo Petricek, launched Save Austin Now, a nonpartisan organization in 2020 that aims to improve the standard of living for all residents. The organization successfully passed a law that reinstated the homeless camping ban with 58% of the votes over the objection of the Mayor and nine of the ten Austin Council Members. They also passed a bipartisan legislation that bans unregulated camping statewide and punishes cities that defund their police. Save Austin Now has over 63,000 email addresses, more than 7,000 donors, and over 1,000 volunteers, making it the biggest grassroots organization in the city.Matt has played significant roles in political campaigns, including serving as General Consultant for Pete Flores in the 2018 cycle. Flores won Texas Senate District 19 in a special election by 53% to 47%, making him the first Hispanic Republican to be elected to the Texas Senate. Matt also advised Will Hurd, who won reelection in TX-23, and Hugh Shine, who beat incumbent State Rep. Molly White by 105 votes.Matt was the campaign manager for Bill Flores, the Republican nominee in Texas’ 17th Congressional District in 2010. Flores defeated 10-term incumbent Chet Edwards by 25%, making it the largest margin of victory of the 63 winning GOP challengers in the 2010 cycle. He managed a statewide campaign for Texas Comptroller for House Ways and Means chairman Harvey Hilderbran in 2014, where he raised over $2.3 million and won 59 counties, finishing second in a four-way primary. Matt also advised former U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe, who defeated 17-term U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX) in a primary runoff, the first Republican challenger to defeat a Republican congressional incumbent in Texas in the state’s history.Apart from political campaigns, Matt regularly appears on TV networks such as MSNBC, Fox News, Sky News, BBC News, and CBC-TV. He also provides political analysis three times a week for KTBC Fox 7 in Austin, writes columns for The Washington Times, Townhall, and The Washington Examiner, and serves as a judge for professional awards through the AAPC Pollies and the Goldies. He was the Press Secretary for U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison from 2007-2009, and the Press Secretary for three-term former U.S. Senator Conrad Burns from 2005-2007. Matt is currently the Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party and a Director of the Center for Public Policy and Political Studies at Austin Community College.